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Base Running

Basic Base Running Instructions

While there are a wide variety of possibilities as a base runner, below are a few common situations that every player should be able to execute. As with many aspects of the game, being a great base runner is often not about pure speed, but rather by taking pride in the hustle and game awareness that it requires.

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Communication between Coach and Runner

Communication between coaches and players is always important within a game, perhaps no more so than for the runner on the base paths. In addition to the vast experience a coach can lend, a good coach will serve as the eyes and ears for his runner, picking up things they the player can't and anticipating where the play will go.

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Tips for Base Runners on Each Base

Base running is one of the most critical aspects of the game, and each base presents its own challenges and keys to remember. As you are teaching your athletes the importance of base running, make sure you cover the following keys for each base.

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How Jackie Robinson Stole Home

Over the course of his Major League career, Jackie Robinson stole home 19 times. Watch the video to see the breakdown of how he was able to time his steal perfectly with the pitcher.

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