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How Jackie Robinson Stole Home

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On Sept. 28, 1955, in Game 1 of the World Series, Jackie Robinson stole home. At the time, the Dodgers were losing to the Yankees, 6-4 in the eighth inning. Over the course of his Major League career, Jackie Robinson stole home 19 times. Watch the video to see a breakdown of how Robinson was able to time his steal perfectly with the pitcher.


When you are looking to steal home, remember these key points:

  • Get as big of a lead as the third baseman gives you. The further the third baseman is away from the bag, the bigger lead you can get.
  • Use the first pitch of your teammate's at-bat to time the pitcher's windup.
  • After you have timed the pitcher, get a good lead and start running toward home when the pitcher is at the top of the windup.
  • Running on the inside of the base path will give you a better angle to prevent the catcher from being able to get out in front of the plate.
  • Be sure to slide into home feet-first.