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Agility Drills

Agility drills incorporate speed and quickness, muscular endurance and balance, and spatial awareness. A good agility program will challenge your nervous system and equilibrium, improving gross movement skills, reaction time and foot speed.

When starting a new agility drill, it is very important to begin slowly. Master the footwork and balance required by the drill before you increase the tempo of the drill.

All agility drills must be performed under total control. You should never get hurt during training; stay in control at all times. Make sure the surface you are using is smooth and clean. If you are doing your agilities on grass, wear your spikes. Perform a complete warm-up prior to starting your agility program.

Ball Drops

Done with a partner and 2 baseballs

  • Start facing your partner
  • Partner 1 (P1) on a line with the two baseballs in hand.
  • Partner 2 (P2) will begin to backpedal.
  • P1 with an arm held straight out will drop the ball.
  • As soon as P2 sees the ball drop, sprint to P1, pick up the ball, hand it to P1 and start to backpedal again.
  • P1 drop the ball at different times making P2 react to short and long delays.
  • Perform 2-3 sets of 10 drops

Note: When Partner 2 is changing direction, rotate the hips to the left or right and plant with an open foot. Alternate the plant foot on each rep.

Ball Pick-Ups

Done with a partner and 2

  • Start facing your partner, 5-10 yards apart
  • Partner 1 (P1) on a line with the two baseballs in hand.
  • Partner 2 (P2) will begin to shuffle side to side in fielding position
  • P1 will roll the ball to the left never more than 5-6 yards on either side of P2
  • As soon as P2 sees the ball, side shuffle to the ball, field it and softly toss it back to P1
  • As soon as P2 tosses the ball back to P1, P2 should get back to the middle for the next ball.
  • P1 should mix up the direction of the rolls to force P2 to react to the ball
  • P1, be sure P2 can reach each roll, make it challenging but possible
  • Perform 2-3 sets of 10 drops

Note: Absolutely NO Diving for balls! If Partner 2 cannot reach a ball, let it go!