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Advanced Batting Practice Routine

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How to maximize time dedicated to BP

Perhaps the highlight of any practice session for players is batting practice. It's important that the time dedicated to BP not only be productive, but be fun and engaging as well. While hitting is undoubtedly the focus during BP, this time can also be used to work on player's defensive and base running skills. Below is a template for an advanced BP routine that will keep your players moving and working on a variety of skills.

Batting Practice Stations

It is ideal to have at least one coach at each station during BP. However, some stations such as the tee and cage stations can be managed by players feeding the other players in their group. For maximum productivity, try to keep the groups small, perhaps 3 - 4 players each. Each station rotates to the next numerical station. Station 6 will rotate to station 1.

  1. Defensive Station
    1. Outfield - Live reads
    2. Infield - Live reads and fungo
  2. Cage One Station
    1. Regular front toss
    2. Off-speed front toss
  3. Tee Station
    1. Check point tee
    2. Regular tee
  4. Live Hitting Station
    1. Situations determined by coach
    2. 10 swings
    3. Focus on approach to hitting
  5. Base Running Station
    1. Reads at first base
    2. Reads at second base
    3. Reads at third base
  6. Defensive Station
    1. Outfield - Live reads
    2. Infield - Live reads and fungo

Optional Hitting Routines

The following hitting routines provide hitting situations that can be performed during batting practice, and the suggested repetition for each situation.

Situational Routine

  1. SAC-3, slash-2, bunt for hit-1
  2. Hit and run-3, opposite field-3
  3. Power alley-3, move the runner-3
  4. INF in-3, INF back-3
  5. Positive count-3, drives-3
  6. Swings-5

Swing Day Routine

  1. SAC-3, bunt for hit-1
  2. Hit and run-3, swings-3
  3. Oppo-3, swings-3
  4. Drive the alleys-3, swings-3
  5. Swings-5

Approach Day Routine

  1. Fastball-5
  2. Off-speed-5
  3. Hit and run-5
  4. Opposite field/alley-5
  5. Two-strike-5
  6. Positive count-5