Saturday, March 28

Job complete: San Clemente (Calif.) rides pitching, Lucas Herbert to 2015 NHSI title

Video Recaps

Lambert (Ga.) 5, Mosley (Fla.) 2
St. Thomas Aquinas (Fla.) 11, College Station (Texas) 6
Huntington Beach (Calif.) 11, Whitewater (Ga.) 2
Loyalsock (Pa.) 5, Leesville Road (N.C.) 0
Horizon (Ariz.) 13, Lambert (Ga.) 3
San Clemente (Calif.) 8, College Park (Calif.) 3
Farragut (Tenn.) 8, DeSoto (Miss.) 7
Whitewater (Ga.) 10, Trinity Prep (Fla.) 8
JSerra (Calif.) 5, DeSoto (Miss.) 3
Trinity Prep (Fla.) 0, Puyallup (Wash.) 5

Friday, March 27

For San Clemente (Calif.), Chris Puckett, semifinal victory is elemental
California Dreamin': College Park (Calif.) routs Mosley (Fla.) gets 'rivalry' final
Farragut (Tenn.) comes back to beat College Station (Texas) in 8

Video Recaps

Farragut (Tenn.) 5, College Station (Texas) 4
Puyallup (Wash.) 12, Loyalsock (Pa.) 0
Huntington Beach (Calif.) 1, San Clemente (Calif.) 5
College Park (Calif.) 13, Mosley (Fla.) 2
Horizon (Ariz.) 6, Leesville Road (N.C.) 0

Thursday, March 26

Completing the task: College Park (Calif.), Chris Brown stop Loyalsock Township (Pa.)
Brothers in arms: MacGregor Hines, Baylor Rowlett lead College Station (Texas)
A funny game: Mosley (Fla.) tops Whitewater (Ga.) behind Bleday, crazy fourth
A good reminder: Huntington Beach (Calif.), Hagen Danner dominate Puyallup (Wash.)

Video Recaps:

College Station (Texas) 3, Trinity Prep (Fla.) 1
College Park (Calif.) 5, Loyalsock (Pa.) 1
Huntington Beach (Calif.) 6, Puyallup (Wash.) 0
DeSoto Central (Miss.) 10, Trinity Prep (Fla.) 0
San Clemente (Calif.) 5, College Station (Texas) 3
Mosley (Fla.) 4, Whitewater (Ga.) 2
JSerra (Calif.) 2, St. Thomas Aquinas (Fla.) 0

Wednesday, March 25

Roundup: Huntington Beach (Calif.) rolls in NHSI opener
Photo Album: #NHSI15 Opening Day
Make your luck: San Clemente (Calif.) rallies past Lambert (Ga.) in 8
Mr. Everything: Joe DeMers, College Park (Calif.) stop Farragut (Tenn.)
What Brown has done for you: Mosley (Fla.) stops JSerra (Calif.)

Video Recaps:

Mosley (Fla.) 1, JSerra (Calif.) 0
Loyalsock (Pa.) 7, Horizon (Ariz.) 4
College Park (Calif.) 3, Farragut (Tenn.) 1
Huntington Beach (Calif.) 12, St. Thomas Aquinas (Fla.) 3
Puyallup (Wash.) 3, Leesville Road (N.C.) 0
Whitewater (Ga.) 7, DeSoto (Miss.) 4
San Clemente (Calif.) 7, Lambert (Ga.) 5
JSerra (Calif.) 6, Horizon (Ariz.) 2
St. Thomas Aquinas (Fla.) 4, Leesville Road (N.C.) 2
Farragut (Tenn.) 7, Lambert (Ga.) 2