Collegiate National Team

Schedule and Results

Date Opponent/Event Venue Location Time/Score (All times ET) Notes
June 21Blue vs. Red
Collegiate National Team Trials
National Training ComplexCary, N.C.1 p.m.
June 22-26vs. Coastal Plains LeagueNational Training ComplexCary, N.C.
June 27vs. Chinese TaipeiNational Training ComplexCary, N.C.6 p.m.
June 28vs. Chinese TaipeiNational Training ComplexCary, N.C.6 p.m.
June 29vs. Chinese TaipeiNational Training ComplexCary, N.C.6 p.m.
June 30vs. Chinese TaipeiNational Training ComplexCary, N.C.3 p.m.
July 1vs. Chinese TaipeiDurham Bulls Athletic ParkDurham, N.C.6:30 p.m.
July 2vs. CubaNational Training ComplexCary, N.C.6 p.m.
July 3vs. CubaDurham Bulls Athletic ParkDurham, N.C.6:30 p.m.
July 4vs. CubaBB&T BallparkCharlotte, N.C.6 p.m.
July 6vs. CubaNational Training ComplexCary, N.C.6 p.m.
July 7vs. CubaNational Training ComplexCary, N.C.6 p.m.


Please click here to view the rules and guidelines for fans attending events at the USA Baseball National Training Complex.


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Selection Process

The primary pool of players under consideration for the Collegiate National Team is comprised of non-draft-eligible players currently playing baseball at the collegiate level. A selection of the year's USA Baseball Collegiate National Team field staff and USA Baseball staff members will evaluate data from the current college season, as well as possibly using data from the prior summer collegiate wood bat leagues, as they deliberate on players for the national team.

Once the staff has reached resolution, USA Baseball will contact the player's head baseball coach and offer a player a spot on the roster, as well as discuss their expected role on the team. In some instances, roster spots may not be offered, but instead players may be invited to the Collegiate National Team training camp for a trial period where the final roster will be determined.

To recommend a player, please contact Eric Campbell at ericcampbell@usabaseball.com.