Guatemala City -- Team USA players, coaches and staff held the second annual International Players Clinic at the Enrique "Trapo" Torrebiarte stadium in downtown Guatemala City Friday afternoon as over 200 children from seven different nations ventured their way to see and learn from the U.S. team.

The clinic, created to promote baseball throughout the world, saw monumentous success as the player participation increased almost three-fold since last year.

Highlighting the importance of fundamentals in the game of baseball, four stations were created that focused on catching, throwing, outfield defense and infield defense. USA staff and players led a particular station and found genuine fulfillment out of their teaching.

"It was fun to see the smiles on all of the kids' faces," says Assistant Coach Tanner Vesely. "It just shows that no matter where you are in the world, baseball can always bring a smile to your face."

A sentiment shared by all, it was impossible to see a child who participated in this clinic leave the stadium without a smile from ear to ear. The joy and pure elation of these children not only spread throughout the crowd filled with their parents and friends, it even touched the hearts of the U.S. 14U players.

"I thought it was wonderful to teach little kids what we've been taught all of our lives," says Albert Almora, center fielder. "It was an honor to do anything to help those kids play baseball. I know they will go home and practice and take what they learned today just so they can play baseball again."

All aspects of this clinic exemplified the goals in which its principles were structured and exceeded all expectations to the U.S. delegation.

"This event exemplifies the game of baseball and the international spirit," says Rick Riccobono, Director of 14U National Team, "It's really an honor and a privilege and most notably a pleasure to be able to hold this type of clinic experience for these kids."

This event undeniably spread the word of baseball through Central America. Not only did they learn about America's past time, they were able to feel the irrevocable passion and heart that Team USA plays with pitch by pitch, inning by inning.

A success by any definition, the event's accomplishments superseded basic success. It revitalized and re-kindled the fire, love and appreciation of baseball in those who can sometimes take advantage of it and ignited a love for a sport in which so many hold dear.

"Seeing the looks in the kids' eyes, you could tell they really wanted to learn." Alford continued, "It shows that there are a lot of kids in the world that want to play baseball. It really reopened my eyes to how much I love to play the game."