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About The Amateur Resource Center

The Amateur Resource Center (The ARC) is home to USA Baseball's educational resources for coaches, umpires, parents, and players. Other resources offered through The ARC include online education courses, health and safety articles, support programs, and championship principles. Additional resources will be continuously added.

ARC features the following:

  • Online Education courses hosted on the Online Education Center focused on various aspects of the game of baseball
  • The USA Baseball Mobile Coach application as an on-the-go practice planning tool for coaches at any level
  • A variety of health and safety resources that offer advice on best practices for baseball related health and safety concerns
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Hitting is an art form. With all of its complexities, hitting can be difficult not only to do, but to teach as well.

Base Running

From stepping into the box to crossing home plate, there are many situations baserunners need to be prepared for.


The ability for pitchers to take the mound with confidence starts well before they step onto the field. Every play begins with the pitcher.


As the quarterbacks of baseball, catchers are responsible for knowing and controlling every aspect of the game.

Infield Play

There is more to fielding a ground ball than getting a glove in the dirt. Footwork, positioning, and communication are some of the keys for solid fielding.

Outfield Play

Keep players in the right place to effectively patrol the outfield through skills such as situational awareness and good communication.


The administrative side of baseball is just as important as what happens during the game. In fact, it can help prepare a team to take the field.

Strength & Conditioning

Proper strength and conditioning training can help better prepare athletes for game time and reduce the risks of injuries.


Health & Safety

Basic Arm Care

All baseball players can benefit from proper arm care, not just pitchers. Through correctly caring for their arms, players can stay more active in baseball and have longer lasting careers. Learn the basics of arm care through the resources provided here.

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Coaches Lead the Way

Coaches can play a significant role in the lives of their players. Because of this, coaches should lead the way through their own actions to show their commitment to the health and safety of their players.

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General Health

Injuries can happen across all sports. Learn about the most common baseball-related injuries and how to care for them here.

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General Safety

There are many measures that can be taken to make sure all players feel safe in their team environment. The resources provided here aim to help make sure every player has the opportunity to play on a team in which they feel safe and secure.

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Heat and Hydration

Because baseball is often played during the hottest months of the year, it is crucial to make sure everyone at the field is staying hydrated. Learn how to check levels of hydration, rehydrate, and prevent heat illnesses here.

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Proper nutrition can better fuel a player's body for competition. Whether eating a meal or a snack, it is important to get the right nutrients. Learn how to properly fuel up for practices and games through the resources provided here.

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Prohibited Substances

Stay safe and support clean competition by learning more about the dangers of drugs of abuse, performance enhancing drugs and stimulants.

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Supplement Use

Not all nutritional supplements are safe to use. Make sure your supplements are NSF Certified for Sport before taking the risk.

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The Mental Game

Along with being physically prepared for competition, athletes should be mentally prepared as well. The mind can be a powerful asset for athletes if focused correctly. The resources provided here can aid in mental training and preparation.

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