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A Baseball Coaching Philosophy

Why do we coach? We are trying to influence lives!

  1. Build friendships and relationships:
    1. Shut-up (listen)
    2. Stand-up (protect)
    3. Show-up (be there)
    4. Speak-up (accountability)
    5. Make-up (forgiveness)
    6. Look-up (stay in touch)
  1. Build character and loyalty:
    1. Sports don't build character, they reveal character.
    2. Win- or character to win.
    3. Are you a warrior? If so, what kind of warrior? (3 types of warriors)
      1. Pacifist
      2. Uncontrolled
      3. Balanced
    4. Confrontations leading to victory.
    5. Pursue excellence, not perfection!
  1. Develop winning/successful attitudes:
    1. You make your own definition of winning/success.
    2. We coach to prepare for the season, game, and life.
    3. Reinforce positive attitudes, discourage poor attitudes.
    4. Find the button to build their positive attitude.
    5. Motivate with vision, not fear!
  1. Develop mental toughness:
    1. Teach athletes to deal with the tough aspects of life/competition.
    2. Help them develop the ability to deal with confrontations. Don't strike back!
    3. Teach them to have poise and perform under pressure.
    4. Teach them to look forward to a good battle. Cherish those tough games.
    5. Teach them to stay focused in tough times. (ex. Poor grade on test, punishment for mistakes, big inning, bad calls)
    6. Teach them to be selfless.
  1. Develop standards and goals: Don't let anyone set YOUR standards or goals.
    1. Life
    2. School
    3. Athletics

All 3 must co-exist in order to achieve any!

  1. Understand the results:
    1. How did I get here?
    2. Make the best of the circumstances.
    3. Be thankful!