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Tips on Game Calling

While catching is a physically demanding position, it is also a mentally challenging one as well. Here are a series of tips every catcher can employ to gain an advantage over the opposition and better lead his team:

  • Take charge of the game.
    • The catcher is the quarterback - the team will play to the catcher's tempo.
  • Know how to handle each pitcher on the team.
    • Know their best pitch for different situations, like double-play situations or two-strike counts.
  • Be positive when giving advice.
  • Know when to give into the pitcher's choice of pitch.
    • Call time in a big situation and talk with the pitcher.
  • Show interest in pitch selection during and after the game.
    • The catcher should be able to go over the pitches thrown with the coach and pitcher after an inning is over.
  • The pitching coach and catcher should work hand-in-hand.
  • Show emotion when the pitcher makes a great pitch.
  • Be smart about pitch selection. Know the best pitches to call for a:
    • First-pitch strike
    • Change-up: how and when?
    • Inside fastball
    • 0-2 count
  • Pitch around hot hitters, don't give them anything they can hit well.
  • Force the hitter to hit the pitcher's best pitch.
    • Learn opposing hitters