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Beginner Batting Practice Routine

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How to implement a fun and productive BP

Perhaps the highlight of any practice session for players is batting practice. It's important that the time dedicated to BP not only be productive, but be fun and engaging as well. While hitting is undoubtedly the focus during BP, this time can also be used to work on a player's defensive and base running skills. Below is a template for a beginner BP routine that will keep your players moving and working on a variety of skills.

Batting Practice Stations

It is ideal to have at least one coach at each station during BP. However, some stations such as the tee and cage stations can be managed by players feeding the other players in their group. For maximum productivity, try to keep the groups small, perhaps 4 - 5 players each. Each station rotates to the next numerical station. Station 3 will rotate to station 1.

  1. Defensive Station
    1. Players should be in the infield and outfield positions fielding the balls being hit by the live hitting group
    2. A bucket can be placed in the outfield for easy ball pick-up
    3. Make sure your players pay attention and watch the hitter at all times. Avoid allowing your players to stand in groups
  2. Skill Station
    1. Skill stations should have tees and baseballs
    2. Players should work on hitting the ball off of the tee and driving the ball back up the middle
    3. Depending on the number of tees available, the group can be split into smaller tee groups
    4. A coach should be present at this station to monitor for safety
  3. Live Hitting Station
    1. Set up a front toss screen on the field and have a coach throw front toss to the hitters
    2. Players next in line to hit should be warming up in the on deck circle. All other players waiting their turn to hit should be in the dugout
    3. Each hitter should get at least 10 swings off of front toss on the field
    4. On the last swing of their turn, have the players run through first base, then rotate back into the dugout to wait for another turn to hit

Optional Hitting Routines

The following hitting routine provides hitting situations that can be performed during batting practice, and the suggested repetition for each situation.

Situational Routine

  1. Sacrifice bunt- 5
  2. Hit and run- 3
  3. Opposite field- 3
  4. Up the middle- 3
  5. Regular swings- 5

In instances where more coaches are available, additional stations can be created. Please reference the "Advanced BP Routine" document for adding more stations to your BP routine.