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Infield Play

Pre-Pitch Preparation for Infielders

Infield play demands great reflexes and quick thinking during the game. Losing focus between pitches will lead to mental mistakes and fielding errors. Therefore, it is important for an infielder to be ready for the ball at all times. A good infielder minimizes distractions by preparing himself before every pitch.

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Movement and Mechanics for Infielders

Consistency is very important to being a great infielder. Getting to a proper fielding stance on each and every ground ball allows for the greatest consistency. A few key points on an infielder's stance:

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Common Mechanical Errors of a Fielder

Because of the numerous mechanical aspects that comprise fielding a ground ball, it is one of the hardest skills to master in baseball. It could take players months or years to master this skill. Players, along with their coaches, must understand and practice proper fielding mechanics over and over to become an accomplished infielder.

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First Baseman

The first baseman handles the ball more than anyone else on the infield, aside from the pitcher and the catcher. Because of this, it is important that your first baseman has a sound working knowledge of their position and the specific techniques that it entails. The following information contains the main keys for positioning, footwork, receiving and fielding for first basemen:

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Middle Infield - Turning a Double Play

The middle infield can play a huge factor in the overall success of the team. The more the middle infielders communicate with each other, the more effective the duo will be. Turning double plays not only requires effective communication but proper footwork and techniques as well. The following information contains the main keys for the positioning, footwork and feeds for double plays for both the shortstop and the second baseman:

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Third Baseman

Commonly referred to as the "hot corner," third base is one of the most exciting and demanding positions on the field. The third baseman needs to have the ability to recognize game situations and adapt as the game changes. In this position, it is important that the player stays alert and focused the entire game.

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