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Travel Tips

Local travel involving one-on-one situations between an athlete and an unrelated adult is a high-risk situation. The goal of these guidelines is to prevent athletes from routinely spending time alone with other adults.

Tips to Consider

  1. Plan an early team social event so that families from the same neighborhood can meet one another and discuss travel arrangements.
  2. Create team directories, neighborhood maps and sign-up sheets to help parents arrange their own carpools.
  3. Provide parents with the club's central phone number or coach's cell phone number in case of emergency or delay.
  4. Provide the coach with parents' cell numbers as well as a list of back-up contacts for alternate transportation for each athlete in the event that practice ends early.
  5. Notify parents and athletes of schedule changes as soon as possible so that they can arrange alternative transportation if needed.
  6. Ask parents to notify the organization when their transportation plan changes, such as when a child rides home with a different teammate.

Courtesy of the United States Olympic Committee