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Players and Parents

Online Education for Parents

The USA Baseball Online Education Center provides online training courses and programs focused on key aspects of the game of baseball for players, parents, coaches and umpires. For parents, the Online Education Center offers many resources including the free Play Ball Parent course, hosted by General Manager of the Kansas City Royals, Dayton Moore, which provides parents with resources to ensure their children are having a positive experience within the game of baseball.

Resources for Parents

Baseball is a great sport that provides many benefits to both players and their parents. Through healthy competition and a positive environment, players can thrive and have the best opportunity to succeed. Play Ball offers a variety of resources for both players and parents to help make the game more enjoyable for all.
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Some of the ways in which parents and players can enhance their game include:

Additional Resources

Coaching Your Own Child

Coaching your own child can be difficult. Many parent-coaches are either too tough on their own kids or not tough at all.

Women in Baseball

Resources and information for women playing the game.

Academic Eligibility

Being a student-athlete is a tough job. The emphasis should always be on student first, and athlete second.

Keeping Perspective

Baseball is just a game, it's supposed to be fun and enjoyable for everyone involved.

Maximizing Experience

As parents, you can have a significant impact on the experience your child has within sports.

Free Play

Free Play is defined as developmental physical activities that are intrinsically motivating, provide immediate gratification and are specifically designed to maximize enjoyment.