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Online Education for Umpires

The USA Baseball Online Education Center provides online training courses and programs focused on key aspects of the game of baseball for players, parents, coaches and umpires. For umpires, the Online Education Center offers many resources including the free Introduction to Umpiring course, hosted by Major League umpire, Dale Scott, which provides umpires with a working knowledge of basic procedures and standards within the game.


With a responsibility on every play, umpires are a critical component to the game. From the moment umpires arrive at the field to the moment the last pitch is thrown, they can have a significant impact on creating an atmosphere for health competition.

Some of the ways in which umpires can prepare to call games include:

  • Knowing how to avoid and manage conflict should it arise
  • Being professional and respectful at all times
  • Knowing in-game calls and how to make them
  • Understanding interference and obstruction rulings
  • Fully understanding the game and some of its history

Avoiding and Managing Conflict

With every play ending in a decision from an umpire, conflicts during games are inevitable. Knowing the best practices for handling conflicts will help to keep the situation from becoming unreasonable. The ability to manage conflicts, should they arise, goes beyond what umpires say. It also includes what they do and how they behave. Learn More

For the Betterment of the Game

Throughout the game, umpires interact with everyone on the field. Because of this, they have the ability to make the game a positive experience for everyone through creating an environment of respect, professionalism, and enjoyment. One of the most impactful ways umpires can influence the game is to make it as positive as possible for all players, parents, and coaches. Learn More

Umpire Resources

Common In-Game Calls

Aside from calling balls and strikes, there are many other calls umpires make every game.

History of the Strike Zone

The strike zone as it is known today is very different from the original strike zone.


In the moment of a game, it can be difficult to know when to call interferences and obstructions.